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Importance Structure Supporting Photovoltaic Modules

How important is the structure that supports the photovoltaic modules?

Importance Structure Supporting Photovoltaic Modules

Obviously, having a stable and rigid support for solar panels provides the modules with the correct orientation, precise inclination and durability over time and safety.

But not only weather and situational factors affect the proper functioning of a photovoltaic field, imagine that you already have the ideal place for your installation, all the perfect calculations of the type of profile and structure that will support your photovoltaic modules, all permits, deadlines, contracted infrastructure, etc… and your profile supplier begins to delay in deliveries, the parts do not meet the required dimensional tolerances, does not have the flexibility in the punching you need for the project…

So it is very important:

  • To guarantee a production capacity that meets the established delivery deadlines
  • To have the production technology capable of adapting to the requirements demanded by the customer.
  • To be able to offer a wide variety of profiles in geometry and dimensions, which offer quick solutions to customers.
  • To offer a great flexibility and variety of perforations, giving maximum design freedom to its engineering department.
  • To have a team that guarantees the quality standards imposed by the customer, making a rigorous follow-up of all the PPI demanded, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the required tolerances in each one of the profiles.
  • To be able to manufacture the profile in the shortest time possible, guaranteeing all the above points to be able to offer competitive prices.

Now you will be able to carry out your installation without any problem knowing the Importance of the Structure Supporting Photovoltaic Modules…

By Javier Santamaria / Magon Steels Quality Manager

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