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Our production process meets the most rigorous quality control standards for all aspects concerning the environment

MAGON EMPRESAS has committed to sustainability and the environment as a company. We want to feel proud of leaving our children and grandchildren a better world.


Steel is 100% recyclable and considered to be one of the most efficient materials, since it does not lose quality or produce waste residuals when recycled.  This makes it ideal as part of a circular economy.


A permanent program was created to reduce electricity consumption during the manufacturing process of the panels as well as all other metal profiles.  Thanks to the measures of control and consumption optimization implemented over the last 4 years, we have managed to reduce our yearly consumption averages by 15% for every panel m2 or linear meter of a profile.


Insulation is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve buildings’ energy efficiency, whether old or new.  Greater energy efficiency means less energy is needed to heat or cool buildings.  This in turn leads to less fuel consumption, and lower environmentally damaging carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition, any waste from the panels can be used, since the steel sheets can be recycled and the rigid polyurethane foam can be incinerated, which allows the energy generated to be harnessed.  During their working life, Master panels save 100 times the energy used in their production.

To reduce environmental impact, Master panels offer:

  • Excellent energy efficiency: saving energy and reducing CO2 emission
  • The panels save 100 times the energy used in their production.
  • Minimum thickness: reducing the building’s carbon footprint and land use.
  • Structure size reduction: The building structure has a lower environmental impact.
  • Transport: Because insulation is very light and thin, its delivery requires less transport, resulting in a lower environmental impact.
  • No greenhouse gases: CFC and HCFC free
  • Our waste: 95% of our waste is recyclable.


Our profiles provide lightweight, durable, and lower consumption solutions for production in the different sectors in which we operate.  Steel has the best strength-to-weight ratio of known structural materials, which means that it performs just as well as other construction materials but weighs much less.  In addition,

  • 0% CO2 emissions: As they are cold-pressed transformation processes, no polluting emissions are generated.
  • Low energy consumption: We are constantly innovating in our production processes as we seek to minimize our energy impact.
  • Renewable energy: We encourage the development of renewable energy, supplying products that make it possible to install them. Our products are highly durable, which guarantees that these installations will remain suitable during their working life.
  • Almost 100% recyclability in our final products.
  • Minimal waste and 100% recycleable.


In addition to the recyclability of the steel waste from our products, the metal covers of the injected polyurethane sandwich panels can be recycled following the usual procedures for this type of material.

The panel’s insulating core is not affected by and European legislation on dangerous products and can therefore be recycled in three different ways.  The method which is chosen depends on the of the polyurethane foam used in the core of the panel, its subsequent use and its cost:

  • Mechanical recycling: Through crushing, granulating, grinding or pulverizing processes, particles can be obtained from the recycled material, which can then be used to obtain new polyurethane products.
  • Chemical recycling. It is based on the application of various chemical and thermal processes that break the foam down into fractions of low weight molecular material.  The diisocyante is regenerated with this and works with the polyol to enable the production of new polyurethane parts.
  • Energy assessment.  Energy is recovered through incineration.  This technique allows thermal and/or electrical energy to be obtained from panel core waste.  Current incineration technology makes it possible to ensure emission control, which minimizes any possible environmental impact.
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