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We increased our photovoltaic production capacity Magon Enterprises

We increased our photovoltaic production capacity with a new center and production line

We increased our photovoltaic production capacity

Magon Enterprises already had three production centers and now we are opening a fourth one to dedicate it exclusively to the photovoltaic sector due to the great demand.

We are in a phase of expansion and growth in all the sectors we work, but especially the photovoltaic sector that has made us to open a new production center focused solely and exclusively to solar.

In 2014 we started our journey in this sector manufacturing profiles for solid, resistant and durable structures such as MG-C, MG-U, MG-Z and the most recent MG-Omega, but it has been now when we have really had to open a new center and production line to be able to keep up with the great demand we are facing.

This second production line allows us to considerably increase our production capacity and versatility for different types of projects demanded by our customers.

We have always been characterized for having a great vision of the future, anticipating forecasts that have allowed us to be prepared for the challenges we face.

This sector and especially in Spain, is experiencing a very high photovoltaic boom with record newly installed capacity year after year, from 135 megawatts (MW) in 2017 to 8.7 gigawatts (GW) installed in 2020 being one of the leaders in the European market.

Globally, solar PV will continue to account for the largest share of cumulative new global investments, reaching 54% of global renewable energy investment.

Therefore, we are proud and satisfied to be able to open this new production center together with the second line in order to provide quality solutions to our customers around the world and to facilitate our work by separating it from the other sectors we work with.

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